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Combining art and climate change, The Kilimanjaro Project will use Mount Kilimanjaro as the voice for climate change and the cultural khanga cloth as a message carrier.  

The Khanga is a vibrant African cotton cloth has been worn by the women of East Africa for centuries; it can be worn as an outer garment, a headscarf, a sling to carry one’s child; it can be used as a table cloths or even curtains.  Each piece of cloth carries a message woven into its tapestry. These messages speak of blessings to neighbours and loved ones, warnings to one’s enemies, they document historical events, make a point, carry messages to compel and speak the truth.  The Khanga is a subtle voice, the freedom of expression, a willing and able messenger.  

Art installations by nature, are bound up in a spirit of collaboration and experimentation. They are usually site specific and larger-than-life in scale. This installation takes these concepts to another level - what could be bigger than Kilimanjaro?!  This installation literally “tells it on the mountain.”

Using the age-old khanga tradition, different messages centered on The Kilimanjaro Projects core themes - trees & reforestation, waste management, conservation, water stewardship, and renewable energy - will be installed  in different ways up six of the hiking trails on the mountain, culminating on the top of the Old Woman herself, Mount Kilimanjaro. “dressing up”  Mount Kilimanjaro to give voice to its rapidly changing climate.  


Our signature khanga, the final and most powerful message is - TUJE PAMOJA - Let us come together.  Let us come together to inspire action, let us come together to make change.  

NOTE: We are looking for collaborators. If you’re an artist who is looking to collaborate with us whether to design a khanga, assist with the installation, or have creative ideas to  share - we would love to hear from you.

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2 JUNE 2017 

The Kilimanjaro Project sits down with Delphine Buysse, the artist behind the khanga.


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