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Art paints pictures of our past, traces our present and sculpts our future. The Kilimanjaro Project embraces creativity, storytelling and the arts as a vital lifeline to a more just and conscious planet. It was art that first brought The Kilimanjaro Project to life. Art4Change. Our art installation was inspired Christo and Jean Claude, to raise awareness about climate change and communicate the hope of a sustainable future.


 Join us. Let’s bridge the gap between scientific information and human connection. To collaborate please contact


The human stories of Kilimanjaro are brought to life in the photographic and documentary series - Voices of Kilimanjaro. 


Combining art and climate change, The Kilimanjaro Project was first inspired by an art installation concept using Mount Kilimanjaro as the voice for climate change and khanga cloth as a message carrier.


Become a rainmaker this earth day 2018 and help us plant 1 million trees on kilimanjaro.

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