The rooftop of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro – the highest freestanding mountain in the world - needs your help!


Every year, millions of trees are cut down in the Kilimanjaro Region for firewood, charcoal making, and land usage for agriculture. This has had a direct effect on local climate change. The glaciers on Mt. Kilimanjaro are disappearing at a rapid rate. Recent scientific studies show one such glacier, Decken Glacier, could disappear completely within the next 5 years!

We believe we can help reverse the effects of climate change and weather patterns on the mountain and revive the once plentiful rainfall by planting millions of trees.

The time is to act now!


Become a rainmaker this Earth Day 2018 and help us plant ONE million trees on Kilimanjaro.



April will commemorate the official launch of an annual tree planting event between The Kilimanjaro Project and Trees4Kili. Our goal is to plant ONE million trees in 2018 in the Kilimanjaro Region. And 50 Million trees within the next 10 years!


We have partnered with nurseries, local government, faith based organisations, schools and community members to help us make this happen.


For us, it is the hope of creating a more sustainable future. It is about raising awareness, education, planting trees, conserving water, changing beliefs, consuming less, inspiring action, creating change and taking care of our planet.




Planting millions of trees will:


  1. Impact the local climate and forest ecosystems.

  2. Raise global awareness of local climate change and glacial decline on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

  3. Educate schools and the youth on the importance and process of reforestation.

  4. Create jobs by empowering local people to grow, plant and maintain trees in needy areas.

  5. Improve livelihoods by encouraging the development of natural resources and forest products.

  6. Mobile app technology will monitor tree survival, health and provide data reporting through an online portal ensuring transparency with organisations and donors.

  7. Monitor change in local climate through baseline studies, data collection and ongoing efforts



Tree Tracker App!  NOW IN ACTION!

To track our progress we will use a app engineered by who have created a custom-made,open-sourced tree tracking app that works on your phone. The app allows planters to geo-tag and time-stamp photos of their planting efforts and then share this with other users. The idea is to create a massive pool of tree-planting data which organisations and donors can use to fund further tree-planting projects. This means that you will be able to literally see the fruits of your labors.

Research from this data will identify the most successful planters and create more strategic and profitable partnerships over time. Local communities will be connected to people around the world who are actively involved in sponsoring trees, planting initiatives and tree-planting campaigns.



Click here to view type of trees we are planting.


Become a rainmaker! Help us reach our 2018
target to plant
ONE million trees on Kilimanjaro.


Would you like to come volunteer for day or a week?  Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with one of our planting teams to help us make this happen!. Please sign up for our updates and we'll let you know soon how you can get involved!


We have planted about 30,000 trees already and have 130,000 to go!


We will be planting the full month of May and June

Additional Planting Days:

13 July : Trees4gugu & Trees4Madiba